In Volo's Wake

March 6, 2017

rpg d&d

In February I joined a fledging group of adventurers embarking on a journey into In Volo's Wake, the Adventurers League introductory adventure for Volo's Guide to Monsters at Tabletop Game Shop in Chester.

In the group we have Delvar, a disillusioned Neverwinter city guard. Professor Galaf is an alchemical scholar, "on sabbatical" from his regular tutelage (although we don't know exactly why...). Atlan is a man of the land, a gentle giant. Tessele is a feisty monk, burdened with great power and perhaps an even greater responsibility.

I'm playing Malek, a boat-smith and barge maker from Yartar. Prior to meeting these companions Malek was living a life in hiding, earning a living smuggling goods in and out of Waterdeep, up and down the Dessarin river. Since starting his adventuring days, Malek has become a scout and ranger, now joined by his trusty, um, giant weasel Tsuki on hand to help.

Thanks to Leigh for not just DMing the adventure, but allowing us all to expand it into something more. I'm looking forward to where that Feywild-portal-in-a-bottle might take us all...