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Magic Realms

February 9, 2024

After griping about delays on Unbound and Kickstarter projects a year and a bit ago, I've succumbed to another... A follow-up of sorts to Dice Men, Magic Realms by Ian Livingstone and Jonathan Green purports to be "the definitive collection of iconic art from the worldwide phenomenon of Fighting Fantasy." The Fighting Fantasy books were for me an early introduction to the classic covers and black and white line art by the likes of Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, John Blanche, Paul Bonner, Les...

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An epilogue

February 4, 2023

An epilogue written for the end of the third chapter of long-running D&D campaign that began with Tomb of Annihilation, continued with the destruction of an arcane prison held hundreds of feet above Port Nyanzaru, and concluded with a murder mystery which lead to eldritch horrors from the deep - an adapted The Styes from Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Port Nyanzaru, 28 Eleasis, 1492 DR...

Dice Men

December 5, 2022

Recently - finally - I received my copy of Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop through the post. Having dived back into the hobby in 2016, the announcement of this book being written and produced on the Unbound platform had my inner kid filled with excitement and nostalgia. Like so many others I'm sure, my earliest introduction to this world was through Sir Ian Livingstone and Steve...

Evolution of a regional map

April 9, 2021

Last month I wrote about our new D&D campaign in the homebrew world of The Fading Lands, and the map I put together for it using the fantastic Inkarnate. We've now started the second arc or chapter of the campaign, and I thought it would be good to collate the various iterations of the map in one place. In using Inkarnate, we are able to return to the map to add new locations and features as...

Portal Prison maps

March 22, 2021

I recently ran The Portal Prison adventure from the Game Master's Book of Random Encounters. The middle of this short adventure has five random encounters rolled up entirely from contents found elsewhere in the book. Here are some of the maps recreated using Inkarnate, which we used as battle maps in the mighty Owlbear Rodeo. Town Graveyard The Portal Prison The Portal Prison, ruined The...

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Skabbik's Plaguepack
Skabbik's Plaguepack

July 12, 2024

Skabbik's Plaguepack finished, yes yes. Not jumping on the Screaming Bandwagon, honest, but I do love me some ratses.


December 28, 2023

Ork Warboss from the Assault on Black Reach Warhammer 40k 5th edition box, built as a Christmas gift for my brother. Titled "Onwaaaghds" - this year has been rather shit for our family, so we plan to...