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Magic Realms

February 9, 2024

After griping about delays on Unbound and Kickstarter projects a year and a bit ago, I've succumbed to another... A follow-up of sorts to Dice Men, Magic Realms by Ian Livingstone and Jonathan Green purports to be "the definitive collection of iconic art from the worldwide phenomenon of Fighting Fantasy." The Fighting Fantasy books were for me an early introduction to the classic covers and...

Dice Men

December 5, 2022

Recently - finally - I received my copy of Dice Men: The Origin Story of Games Workshop through the post. Having dived back into the hobby in 2016, the announcement of this book being written and produced on the Unbound platform had my inner kid filled with excitement and nostalgia. Like so many others I'm sure, my earliest introduction to this world was through Sir Ian Livingstone and Steve...

Books, books, games

April 25, 2016

PHOTOS OF BOOKS. BOOKS AND GAMES. Inspired by a Facebook post, I thought I'd take photos of my (mostly) RPG and tabletop related books. I'll aim to take more pictures as the collection grows... and shrinks. I'm a terrible hoarder, and putting books and magazines in boxes, out of sight and mind, makes me sad.