Discovering LegendKeeper

January 1, 2021


A few months back I stumbled on LegendKeeper, an online tool for managing world building - maps, pins, wiki articles. More modern than other existing tools, with a less restrictive structure and a fantastic looking map system, it looked appealing so I dived in on a Patreon membership to join the closed beta. I started using it for our Tomb of Annihilation campaign, right at the end of it!

I moved practically everything in there - NPCs, PCs, items of note, session notes as well as continent, city and battle level maps. Before, I was using Trello (for maps and mobs), Joplin or Notion (for notes on the go and session notes) and Google Docs or Homebrewery (for lengthier handouts) and a crappy Mac drawing program for maps.

Having NPC information easily findable and linked to session notes or locations is invaluable for me. Same goes for items - no more "where did we find this strange black onyx statue that's in my pack?"

The map of Chult with its hex-based exploration (now populated with quite a few pins) has already inspired the players to want to explore more! We're done with ToA for the time being, but I'm sure our group will revisit these characters in the future for one-shots or short adventures, so I plan to finish the wiki off and share it with our players as a foundation for "our" version of Chult.

Honestly, I wish I'd found LegendKeeper sooner as it consolidated so, so much into one place. My only gripe right now is that the mobile experience for writing quick notes in the wiki isn't great (on 5" screen), so I still use Notion or Joplin for quick notes on the go.