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The Fading Lands

March 10, 2021

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After a successful run through Chult, Mezro, Omu, the Tomb of the Nine Gods AND a quick visit to the Feywild, our D&D group took a short break after over two years... and quickly decided to start a series of smaller campaign arcs in a new, undiscovered world: The Fading Lands. It seems that moving online near the end of the ToA campaign in spring 2020 hasn't slowed us down - in fact it's done the opposite! We have started to use and are continuing to get better with some fantastic tools for online TTRPGs such as LegendKeeper, Owlbear Rodeo and of course our own Discord server.

The Fading Lands - Civilisation has fallen; good riddance to bad rubbish.

After centuries of arcane and scientific “progress”, The Upheaval finally proved that civilisation and especially cities was a flawed idea. Civilisation was abandoned two hundred years ago and all people returned to live in harmony with the land. No settlement may have more than 108 residents and no technology is allowed that is too complicated to be explained in a day.

Abandoned cities are off limits and enclaves of forbidden technology are hidden in remote places. Stripped of the advances of the past, civilians are happy but vulnerable to dangers returning from the wild spaces to prey on the new peaceful agrarian lands. Not everyone agrees with the direction the world is going. Some resist out of principle, some exploit grey areas of the law for profit and others have grander plans for the new world.

This was our introduction to this world... and although I wasn't running this campaign, turns out I couldn't help adding to the world our other DM had begun - mostly by building out our locale and its denizens in LegendKeeper and creating this map of our immediate surrounds:

Map of The Fading Lands

Our initial journey took us from the School of Aryas, Barrwater Accord and Hawthorne Grove in the north east, down into and through the Old Wood, and into an unfamiliar settlement known as Whitefall. As is probably evident from the map, there's still areas to explore, and to create as we do so.

This map evolved over time throughout our first arc and was drawn and updated using Inkarnate, a fantastic map making tool with a whole raft of professionally drawn graphical stamps to quickly produce great looking battle maps, regional maps and world maps.